Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Unhinged Right

Just when things look bad enough, folks on the Right go totally off the deep end. We heard from "Walker Texas Ranger" Chuck Norris during the 2008 election cycle sounding fairly strange. Now that they lost, these folks seem to be moving toward treason and insurrection.

Claiming that the second amendment is, indeed, the amendment in support of uprising, Norris goes off:

David Neiwert comments about this at Crooks and Liars. David has been writing about the subject of extremist rhetoric on the right in particular for a good while. The specter of a destabilized economy pushing people toward violent, physical responses to perceived enemies is a factor that we Americans should be having active discussions about.

These folks aren't kidding around. They have a whole lot of guns. If we cannot resolve our differences with words, our future fate is clouded at best.

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