Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bad Tone

Was I the only person that found Dr. Christina Romer irritating on Meet The Press this morning? Here, as an example:

I have no comments about her content. But her tone and demeanor were just a bit too...chipper. Frankly, she smiled just a bit too much - much too ''light"..... David Gregory was decidedly serious. Romer could have been talking about her grandkids' performance at the grade school play she saw last night.

In contrast, when Jon Stewart had Jim Cramer on his comedy show this last week, Stewart did little to provoke a laugh - because the things he was talking about were just too serious to kid about.

Romer seemed just far too upbeat, too smiley, given the fact that, like millions of others, I lost my job a few weeks ago. I'm just not smiley and chipper about things. Those who lost their jobs long before I did inevitably carry more weight on their shoulders than I do. I, for one, just don't want any smiley, upbeat nonsense from anyone in Obama's administration. Any optimism right now must be tempered by the reality that those of us on the business end of our current financial debacle just don't feel real upbeat these days.

It's akin to going into surgery to get your left leg amputated, and the doctor telling you, cheerfully, just before you fade off under the anesthesia, that you'll be up walking around in a a couple of days.

Just a bit of a disconnect.....

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